WPG S.A. is responsible for geodetic service of the construction site of the most important road in Warsaw and one of the most important in the country. This is the Southern Warsaw Ring Road. We are participating in the construction of section B, including the bridge over the Vistula, and section C running in the area of the Wawer commune.
Our surveyors are responsible for the full range of surveying works:

  • establishment of the geodetic network;
  • development of a map for design purposes;
  • ranging and inventory of all road elements and adjacent equipment;
  • control of the structure;
  • monitoring displacement of the structure;

The biggest challenge during construction is the handling of the Movable Scaffolding System used in the unique bridge construction technology applied here. The first stage of such a construction consists in making reinforced concrete load-bearing system boxes on successive bridge supports with the use of MSS formwork (moved by means of hydraulic cylinders). Roadways will be built on them. The WFT (wing form traveler) formwork is then moved along the platform slab, adding the brackets and prefabricated struts. These elements, in turn, will provide support for pavements and bicycle paths surrounding the roads. Our task here is primarily the spatial arrangement of the formwork, as the bridge lies in both a horizontal and vertical curve.