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Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjne S.A. (WPG S.A. – Warsaw Geodetic Company) is a company providing services in the field of geodesy, cartography and geomatics. The activity of WPG S.A. includes full geodetic service of construction sites, studies related to the land and building registry, creation of databases and GIS systems and photogrammetric measurements. WPG S.A. was established in 1950 as a company carrying out tasks in the field of urban surveying in Warsaw. In 1995 the company was transformed into a joint-stock company and today it is a fully private company, operating solely on the basis of Polish capital. WPG S.A. currently employs about 90 people, most of them with geodetic or related education. Many employees also have various professional qualifications and certificates. WPG S.A. uses the highest quality hardware and software in its work. The measurements are carried out using instruments of the Swiss company Leica Geosystems. In in-house studies the software of leading world and domestic manufacturers is used, including: Bentely, Autodesk, ESRI, Intergraph, Geosystem, Microsoft and others. The nature of the company makes it comparable to modern Warsaw, a modern and vibrant city that is developing rapidly. Such a comparison is justified not only because the name of the company derives from the name of the capital of Poland, but also because WPG S.A. was involved in the construction of most of the sites visible in the city’s panorama.












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