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ANALYTICAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY is a field of science and technology dealing with the acquisition of spatial information, especially geographical information, by means of recording, measuring, processing and interpretation of photogrammetric images. There are three phases in the development of photogrammetry: the first one was the phase of analogue photogrammetry; in the second phase, under the influence of computers, analytical photogrammetry developed; in the third, current phase, digital photogrammetry is dominating

WPG S.A. has a long tradition in the field of photogrammetric studies. For many years we have been carrying out works related to the development of maps and measurement of sites using photogrammetric methods. We provide services in the following areas:

    • measurements and inventories of buildings by laser scanning and photogrammetric method
    • measuring the deformation of objects
    • drone sessions and development of orthophotomaps and numerical terrain model
    • LIDAR data processing
    • development of an orthophotomap and a numerical terrain model