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Engineering and industrial geodesy – the scope of geodesy activities which is related to the design, operation and exploitation of buildings. Field of geodesy dealing with designing measurements during the construction and operation of the building.

Engineering and industrial geodesy is a field of geodesy which has been the core activity of the company for many years. These works cover the area of Warsaw, Mazovia Province and some regions of Poland. WPG S.A. offers comprehensive geodetic services for construction sites, including:

    • Establishment of geodetic network for delineating the axes of external and structural walls of the building, and delineating the outlines of buildings for earthworks
    • Making maps for design purposes, made in any numerical system
    • Detailed services for construction of buildings and other facilities: determining and checking formwork before pouring; foundations, external walls, lift shafts, ceilings from the bottom slab level to the n-th floor level
    • As-built inventory of facilities
    • Observation of vertical settlements of the object under construction and of vertical settlements and horizontal movements of neighbouring objects