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WPG S.A. employs many engineers and specialists who passionately pursue their profession, contributing to the development of society and economy. In our activities, however, we strive to go beyond mere commercial activity and engage in various initiatives, whose nature is not directly related to the profile of our business. WPG S.A. runs the Museum of Geodesy. It is an institution that not only has an educational function, but is also a place that attracts many cultural events or temporary exhibitions.

The company also engages in social and charitable activities. For over 30 years we have been providing free surveying services for temples in Warsaw and outside Warsaw. The best example is the parish in Chomiczówka, where we recently worked on the construction of a bell tower. We also support the Orthodox Church. Thanks to the search and analysis of historical documentation, including land and mortgage registers, we managed to help the church to recover many properties.

WPG S.A. provides free of charge geodetic service during the erection of the capital’s monuments. These are small and simple works, but it is difficult to point out a monument in the capital that would have been created without our participation. We also support veterans’ organizations and orphanages. We support the Geological and Geodetic and Road Engineering School in Warsaw.

We also try to actively involve in the works of NGOs and associations. The first place should be given to the Business Centre Club, of which we are a founding member. The main benefit of membership is the opportunity to gain contacts and meet influential people, but the benefits also include access to professional legal assistance. We are active in the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Association. We participate in the Association of Polish Surveyors. In WPG there is the APS Group, which has almost 20 members.